WRP Technical Notes

Section FW: Fish/Wildlife
FW-EV-2.1 Wildlife Habitat Function of Bottomland Hardwood Wetlands, Cache River, Arkansas May 1992
FW-EV-2.2 A Guild for Monitoring and Evaluating Fish Communities in Bottomland Hardwood Wetlands January 1992
FW-EV-3.1 Design and Application of a LarvaI Fish Trap May 1994
FW-RS-2.1 Habitat Suitability Index Model Availability for Wetland Cover Types January 1998
FW-RS-3.1 Foraging Habitat for Bird Species or Bird Diversity in Wetland Design October 1999
FW-RS-7.1 Weaver Bottoms Wildlife Habitat Restoration: A Case Study May 1994
FW-SW-4.1 Guidelines for Placement and Management of Wood Duck Nest Boxes in Wetland Habitats May 1994
Section HS: Hydraulics
HS-CP-2.1 Effects of Headcutting on the Bottomland Hardwood Wetlands Adjacent to the Wolf River, Tennessee February 2003
HS-CP-2.2 Preliminary Evaluation of Critical Wave Energy Thresholds at Natural and Created Coastal Wetlands February 2003
HS-CP-5.1 Userguide for the Wetland Water Budget Model Tutorial May 1994
HS-EM-3.1 Hydraulic Structures for Wetlands August 1993
HS-RS-3.1 Wetland Shoreline Protection and Erosion Control: Design Considerations January 1998
HS-RS-3.2 Geotextile Tube Structures for Wetlands Restoration and Protection January 1998
HS-RS-4.1 Shoreline and Channel Erosion Protection: Overview of Alternatives January 1998
Section HY: Hydrology
HY-CP-5.2 Wetlands Dynamic Water Budget Model March 1997
HY-CP-5.3 Program for Comparison of Wave Theories for Waves Over Cohesive Sediments March 1997
HY-DE-2.1 Synthesis of Literature on the Use of Water-Stained Leaves in the Delineation of Wetlands January 1993
HY-DE-4.1 Methods to Determine the Hydrology of Potential Wetland Sites January 1998
HY-DE-6.1 Literature Review on the Use of Water-Stained Leaves in the Delineation of Wetlands January 1993
HY-EV-2.1 Wetland Surface Water Processes January 1993
HY-EV-2.2 Wetland Groundwater Processes January 1993
HY-EV-2.3 Numerical Assessment of Hydrologic Functions in Prairie PotholesJune 2000
HY-EV-5.1 FastTABS Software for Evaluation of Wetlands Hydrodynamics August 1993
HY-IA-2.1 Harmonic Analysis Can Assess Hydrologic Cumulative Impacts May 1994
HY-IA-2.2 Time Scale Analysis Can Assess Hydrologic Cumulative Impacts May 1994
HY-IA-2.3 Future Needs in Wetland Hydrology and Hydraulics March 1997
HY-IA-3.1 Installing Monitoring Wells/Piezometers in Wetlands August 1993
HY-IA-5.1 GeoSHED Software for Wetlands Drainage Analysis August 1993
HY-RS-3.1 Hydrology and Hydraulic Design Criteria for the Creation and Restoration of Wetlands August 1993
Section SD: Sedimentation
SD-CP-2.1 Surface Water Sedimentation Processes in Wetlands May 1994
SD-CP-2.2 Effects of Vegetation on Hydraulic Roughness and Sedimentation in Wetlands May 1994
SD-CP-2.3 Predictive Techniques: Wetland Sedimentation Due to Surface Water Flow May 1994
SD-CP-4.1 Methods for Measuring Sedimentation Rates in Bottomland Hardwood (BLH) Wetlands January 1993
SD-EV-4.1 Collection of Undisturbed Bulk Wetland Sediment Samples March 1993
Section SG: Soils/Geology
SG-RS-1.1 Engineering Description of Wetland Soils May 1994
SG-RS-1.2 Engineering Properties of Wetland Soils May 1994
SG-RS-3.1 Soils Handling Techniques and Equipment for Wetlands Restoration and Establishment January 1993
SG-DE-4.1 Using the NRCS Hydric Soil Indicators with Soils with Thick A Horizons January 1999
Section VN: Vegetation
VN-CP-4.1 Measuring Periphyton Growth in a Bottomland Hardwood (BLH) Wetland May 1992
VN-DL-1.1 Response to Flooding for Wetland Indicator PIants May 1994
VN-EM-1.1 Container Oak Seedlings for 7 Bottomland Hardwood (BLH) Restoration August 1993
VN-EM-2.1 Selection and Acquisition of Wetland Plant Species for Wetland Management Projects January 1993
VN-EM-3.1 Design and Construction Requirements for Establishing Herbaceous Wetland Vegetation May 1992
VN-EM-3.2 Basic Considerations for Vegetative Design of Wetlands August 1993
VN-EV-2.1 Baseline Site Assessments for Wetland Vegetation Establishment August 1993
VN-RS-3.1 Design and Construction of Docks to Minimize Seagrass ImpactsJune 1999
VN-RS-3.2 Restoration of Mangrove Habitat October 2000
VN-RS-4.1 Species Match Ensures Conversion of Wet Agricultural Fields to Bottom[and Hardwood (BLH) Wetlands March 1997
VN-RS-4.2 Mycorrhizae in Bottomland Hardwood (BLH) Wetland ForestsJanuary 1999
VN-RS-4.3 Use of Ectomycorrhizae (EM) in Restoration of Bottomland Hardwood (BLH) Wetland Forests January 1999
Section WQ: Water Quality
WQ-EV-2.1 Screening-Level Assessment of Water Quality Improvement from Wetlands January 1993
WQ-EV-5.1 Screening-Level Techniques for Estimating Pollutant Removal bv Wetlands March 1997
WQ-SW-3.1 Design of Constructed Wetlands Systems for Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement May 1994
Section WG: Wetlands -- General
WG-EV-2.1 Procedures For Evaluating Wetlands Non-Market Values and Functions May 1994
WG-EV-2.2 Methods for Evaluating Wetland Functions May 1994
WG-EV-2.3 Case Study: Application of the HGM Western Kentucky Low-Gradient Riverine Guidebook to Monitoring of Wetland Development April 1999
WG-EV-6.1 Wetlands Mitigation Evaluation: A Bibliography January 1993
WG-RS-3.1 Wetlands Engineering: Design Sequence for Wetlands Restoration and Establishment May 1992
WG-RS-3.2 Geotextile Tube Structures: Example Contract Specifications January 1999
WG-RS-3.3 Examples of Performance Standards for Wetland Creation and Restoration in Section 404 Permits and an Approach to Developing Performance Standards January 1999
WG-RS-3.4 Salt Marsh Planting: Example Contract Specifications March 2000
WG-RS-3.5 Bottomland Hardwood Planting: Example Contract SpecificationsSeptember 2002
WG-RS-7.1 Wetland Engineering in Coastal Louisiana: Mississippi River Delta Splays March 1997
WG-RS-7.2 Wetland Engineering in Coastal Loukiana: Naomi Siphon March 1997
WG-SW-2.1 Remotely Sensed Data: Information for Monitoring Dynamic Wetland Systems May 1994
WG-SW-2.2 Differential Global Positioning System Techniques For Surveying/Mapping within Forested Wetlands May 1994
WG-SW-2.3 Hyperspectral Imagery: A New Tool For Wetlands Monitoring/Analyses May 1994
WG-SW-2.4 Framework for Wetland Systems Management: Earth Sciences Perspective March 1997
WG-SW-3.1 Bioengineering Technique Used for Reservoir Shoreline Erosion Control in Germany May 1992
WG-SW-5.1 Wetland Environmental Database: Meeting the Challenge of Federal Geographic Data Acquisition and Access Requirements March 1997

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