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Testing Atlantic Sturgeon on the James River

Impact of Dredging Activities on Atlantic sturgeon

ERDC-Environmental Laboratory's Dr. Matt Balazik and Dr. Safra Altman are wrapping up a project on the James River in the Norfolk District -- assessing the potential impact of dredging activities on Atlantic sturgeon, which is a Threatened & Endangered Species. Their research is showing that dredging activity has little to no impact on sturgeon's movement up the James River for spawning. As a result of this research, NFWS and the USACE districts are discussing eliminating or reducing some of the dredging window restrictions. (Photo courtesy of VCU Rice Rivers Center)

Team in the lab behind a bench full of equipment

ERDC-Environmental Laboratory Hard at Work

The ERDC-Environmental Laboratory's Nick Melby, Tom Biber, Lauren May, Mike Jung and Ashley Harmon-Claxton are hard at work today testing elutriate (a sediment and water mixture) in support of the deepening of the Sabine Neches Waterway in Texas! This testing will provide information about how the dredged sediment will be managed during open ocean disposal, particularly how fast the sediment can be released at the disposal site without adversely impacting the surrounding environment.

Skagit River

The Engineering With Nature® initiative has won the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation's 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award

The Engineering With Nature® initiative has won the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation’s 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award. This is the first time USACE has been the sole recipient of this award. "This promotes our credibility and helps us establish trust with our partners and stakeholders," said Dr. Todd Bridges, national lead for EWN. (Pictured is an EWN project located on the Skagit River; the project used woody debris to incorporate salmon habitat features into levee repairs.)

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